Hummingbird Pictures - Those That Breed in The United States

Here are Hummingbird pictures of the 16 species of birds that can be found in various parts of the United States.

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Here are the hummingbirds and links.

The Ruby Throated is a small bird and it is the only species found east of Mississippi on a regular basis.

The Allens is a small bird that breeds on the west coast from Santa Barbara north to lower Oregon. They Winter along the pacific coast of Mexico.

The Rufous is another small bird that breeds from California to southern Alaska. They go farther north than any other species and they might even be likely to stray into the Florida region during the winter months.

The Annas is a medium sized bird and is native to the west coast of North America. It breeds along the pacific coast from British Columbia to the south and inland far as Arizona.

The Blacked Chinned is a small bird. It ranges and breeds from British Columbia through the Western United States to Northern Mexico.

The Broad-Tailed is a medium sized bird. It's summer range is through out Western United states, specifically in the rocky mountain forests and meadows.

The Calliope is a very small bird. Their breeding area is in the higher altitudes in Western North America from Southern British Columbia and Alberta, south to Colorado and Southern California.

The Costas is a smaller bird. They are commonly found in arid brushy deserts of Southwestern United States and the baja California peninsula of Mexico.

The berylline hummingbird is a medium sized bird that primarily breeds in Western Mexico to Central Honduras. It does regularly stray to Southeastern Arizona though.

The Blue-throated is a large bird. They are native to the mountain woodlands in Mexico. In the summer they do make rare visits to Southeast Arizona, Southern New Mexico and Western Texas.

Hummingbird Pictures Continued

The Broad-Billed is a medium sized bird. It's breeding area is Southeastern Arizona, extreme Southwestern New Mexico and Southern California. They can also stray to Texas and Louisiana.

The Buff Bellied is a medium sized bird. It's breeding area is southern most part of Texas down Eastern Mexico to Northwestern Guatemala.

The Lucifer is a medium sized bird that ranges in Southwestern United States from Southwestern Texas to Southwestern New Mexico. They can even be found in Southeastern Arizona and as far south as Central Mexico.

The Magnificent hummingbird is a large bird. They reside in the Mexican highlands and Southwestern Arizona.

The Violet Crowned is a medium sized bird that breeds in Southeastern Arizona to Southwestern Mexico. This is typically a mountain species.

The White Eared is a medium sized bird that breeds from Northern Mexico to Texas.

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